The Worst of Golf

Part of Pitch’s popular Worst of Sport series, The Worst Of Golf goes right under the skin of the game, with each of the book’s eleven chapters covering a different worst—including worst chokers, the worst tantrums, the worst controversies, the worst luck, the worst-dressed golfers, and more. Packed with dreadful gamesmanship, over-the-top tantrums, and bad behavior, all from the Royal & Ancient game.

Written by Dale Concannon who is a full-time golf journalist and author. He is among the best-known and most widely read golf writers in Europe. This 272 page A5 solid Hardcover is another excellent toilet-read/gift for Dad from Pitch Publishing.

In full charge of the brief there was a limited photo budget for the black and white interior pages, just for the chapter openings. To inject some interest in sympathy with the copy I used playful typography and created mono illustrations/icons from famous incidents and featured stories to run throughout the piece.